Fall out Boy lyrics

Wenn du denkst du kennst alle Fall out Boy Lieder, die alten und die neuen, dann ist dieser Test genau das richtige für dich!

  • 1
    "Chasing the direction you went."
  • 2
    "Follow the disorganized Religion of my head."
  • 3
    "Love never wanted me but I took it anyway."
  • 4
    "Peroxide princess shine like shark teeth."
  • 5
    "If my love is a weapon, there's no second guessing."
  • 6
    "In a movie of my life, starring you instead of me."
  • 7
    "I could write it better than you ever felt it."
  • 8
    "I'm just a Problem that doesn't wanna be solved."
  • 9
    "I'm not a shoulder to cry on."
  • 10
    "Isn't it tragic?"

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