Wie gut kennst du die Abba Songs? - Teste Dich

Teste, wie gut du die Abbasongs kennst.
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    Wir fangen mal etwas leichter an.... Nach welchem Song sind die unabhängig von der Band gemachten Musicals zu den Hits benannt?
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    Aus welchem Song stammen diese Lyrics?

    You were here and now you're gone
    Hey did I do something wrong?
    I just can't believe that I could be so badly mistaken?
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    And you
    You talked of politics, philosophy and I
    Smiled like Mona Lisa
    We had our chance
    It was a fine and ...

    Welche Worte fehlen am Ende?
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    Welches war das erste Lied, dass Abba zusammen gesungen hat?
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    Welche dieser Lyrics sind aus dem Lied: "when all is said and done?
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    Aus welchem Song ist der folgende Text?

    Sometimes I see
    How the brave new world arrives
    And I see how it thrives
    In the ashes of our lives?
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    Friday night and the lights are low
    Looking out for the place to go
    Where they play the right music, getting in the swing
    You come in to look for?
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    Welche Lyrics sind aus dem Song "Angeleyes"?
  • 9

    Waiting for the sunrise soul dancing in the dark
    Summer night city
    Walking in the moonlight love making in?
  • 10
    Worüber singt Abba in diesem Song?

    No more carefree laughter
    Silence ever after
    Walking through an empty house
    Tears in my eyes
    This is where the story ends
    This is goodbye?

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