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Reime von meinen Klassenkameraden

Ein Paar randome, sich reimende Wörter, die meine Klassenkameraden mal gedichtet haben. Fragt mich nicht, warum ich das hier erstelle

    Stupid Things
    In stupid Life
    Nothing as
    stupid as that
    searching for
    anything nice,
    but seeing just
    Question and answer-
    like brother and sister
    Always together, but
    not always seen.
    Something to lead
    me in this stupid territory,
    it's just to remember
    a soul once called Story.
    The Question will always
    show you its face,
    the answer is hiding
    there, nearby.
    Ask her the question
    and she will decide:
    Are you allowed to see
    what's inside?
    Maybe you are,
    but maybe you're not
    Everyone's living his own
    tiering shot

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