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    A rainy day


    When I woke up the next morning Sarah didn’t still lie beside me.
    I sat up and looked out of the window.
    The sky was grey and covered with big clouds and it was still raining.
    I sighed and wondered where my girlfriend was.
    I decided to stand up and put on my clothes.
    Suddenly the door opened and Sarah entered.
    She has also changed her clothes and smiled to me.
    “Good morning. Slept well?” I asked.
    She nodded and I hugged her.
    Her face was pale and she seemed to be a little bit flabby.
    “How was your first night?” she asked.
    “Great.” I said and kissed her.
    I got frightened; her face was quite hot.
    “Are you sure that you’re alright?” I looked at her worried.
    “Yes, it’s just…” she said.
    “Well, I’m tired and it’s quite cold in here, isn’t it?”
    “Not really. The heating was working the whole night. It’s almost too warm in here.” I said.
    “Oh.” She looked angry and said: “I mustn’t be ill. We have just this week.”
    “Hey, it isn’t that bad. Stay in bed this day and I’m sure you’ll be alright tomorrow.” I said.
    “You’re probably right. But let’s go downstairs. Breakfast is ready and I’m sure you’re hungry.”
    Actually I was.
    “Good idea.” I said and we went downstairs.

    In the kitchen wasn’t anybody.
    “Where’s your family?” I asked.
    “My dad has to work, my mum is shopping and my sister, well I think she’s still sleeping.”
    I nodded and sat down.
    “Do you want coffee or tea?” Sarah asked.
    “Er, tea please.”
    Sarah nodded and made tea and coffee for herself.
    “Wait, I’ll help you.” I said and stood up.
    I took the plates and laid the table.
    Then we sat down to table and I started to eat.
    “Well, what are we going to do today?” I asked.
    Sarah took a sip from her coffee and said: “Hmm, it’s still raining, so we have to do something inside.”
    I nodded.
    Suddenly the door opened and Sandra entered the kitchen.
    “Good morning” I said and smiled friendly to her.
    I wouldn’t be impolite.
    Sandra looked confused to her sister and she said: “Er hat nur guten Morgen gesagt.”
    “Achso” Sandra said.
    She was wearing her pajama; it was –surprisingly- black.
    “God Morning” she said.
    “Hat der hier geschlafen?” she asked Sarah.
    “Ja, hast du doch schon gestern gefragt.” Sarah said angrily.
    I looked questioningly at her but she didn’t notice it.
    She starred at her roll and drank her coffee.
    “Wie heißt der noch einmal?” Sandra said during opening the fridge.
    “Wenn du ein Problem mit ihm hast, dann geh uns doch bitte aus dem Weg.” Sarah said nerved.
    Sandra looked very arrogant at her sister and poured herself a cup of milk.
    Then she joined us and sat down compared to me.
    She looked at her empty plate and then to Sarah’s one; she didn’t eat a bit of her bread roll.
    “Isst du das noch?”, she asked finally.
    Silvi shook her head and Sandra took the bread roll and put it on her plate.
    I looked worried at Sarah, but she still starred down to her plate.
    “Aren’t you hungry?” I demanded.
    Sarah shook her head and stood up.
    “I’m afraid you have to eat alone. I’ll go upstairs and to bed. I don’t feel good.” she said.
    I nodded and Sarah left.
    I drank my tea and looked at Sandra.
    Oh no, I was alone with her now.

    Sandra ate her bread roll and seemed to be very happy.
    She swallowed loudly and smiled.
    Then she ate another one and smacked.
    “Have sleep you good?”
    Oh no, she decided to talk to me.
    “Oh, yes.” I said.
    “Aha. I not have sleep good cause rain. Me hate rain. The noise I disturb.”
    I hid my face in my empty cup, so she couldn’t see that I was laughing.
    I pretended drinking my tea and thought about what to say next.
    “Why?” I finally said. “In my opinion the rain isn’t very loud.”
    “I window opened.”
    Okay, why didn’t you close your window? I thought.
    “What about closing your window?” I suggested.
    “Hm … a good idea that is.” she starred in the air and seemed to think about something.
    Okay, she’s really curious.
    Finally I stood up and Sandra looked at me surprised.
    “Where go you?”, she wanted to know.
    “Well, I’m going upstairs and I think I’ll go to your sister.” I said.
    Sandra starred at me and said: “What?”
    Okay, she didn’t understand me.
    “I will go upstairs” I repeated slowly, “and I will go to your sister.”
    “To what?”
    “Your sister. … Sarah.”
    What the hell?
    “Achso.”, she said.
    It’s interesting how stupid someone can be.
    “Yes, but I don’t know what the word >achso< means.” I explained.
    She looked at me questioningly.
    I sighted and said: “Could you explain the meaning of the word >achso<?”
    For heaven’s sake!
    “Cause it’s a German word and I can’t speak German.” I said calmly.
    “Achso. It is a word.”
    Oh really?
    I decided to give up; this didn’t make sense.
    I went towards the door and said: “Okay, bye, see you later. Maybe.”
    “Hello.” Sandra said putting a croissant onto her plate.
    I went upstairs and knocked on Sarah’s bedroom door.
    Nobody answered, but I entered the room anyway.
    Sarah was lying in her bed and seemed to be asleep.
    I went towards her and sat down on the edge.
    I kissed her forehead, which was quite hot and deleted a wisp of hair from her face.
    She didn’t notice it and I went into my room, where I spent the rest of the morning.

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