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    An interesting acquaintance


    I put my case down and rang the doorbell. I had the first holidays in this year; two weeks.
    I’ve spent the first week by the Weasley-family, who accommodated me as lovely as always. And the second week I’m going to spend with my girlfriend.
    She invited me to stay the whole week at her family’s house.
    I haven’t told that the Dursleys, but I bet they haven’t even noticed that I hadn’t come “home.”
    My real home was Hogwarts and I was missing this family as sparse as they were missing me.
    I was glad about spending my holidays with my friends because I didn’t have to stay alone at Hogwarts.
    I smiled and thought about the wonderful time I’ll have.
    I could spend every second with my girlfriend.
    This week will be perfect.
    Even though I was a little bit nervous.
    I would get to know her parents and this was the next level in our relationship.
    But it definitely felt right.
    The door opened and a large, skinny girl, who was dressed in black, looked at me.
    “Was?” she said unfriendly.
    “Er… I’m Harry Potter.”, I said and smiled friendly at her.
    I suppose I wasn’t looking great, it was raining cats and dogs and I didn’t have an umbrella with me, so I’ve got wet.
    The weather hasn’t been fine the past days and it has been raining since my departure from the Burrow.
    I wanted to shake hands with the girl, but she only stared at me very confused.
    “Sag mal, kenn ich dich?”, she suddenly said.
    I can’t speak German, so I didn’t understand her.
    “Pardon?” I said.
    “I called Sandra.” she answered.
    Oh, apparently her English wasn’t really good.
    But I was glad about that, because that means, I won’t have to talk with her the next week.
    (It seemed to me that she was a bit out of her mind.)
    I drooped my hand and said: „So you are Sarah’s sister.“
    “Maybe.” was her short answer.
    She looked at me dumbfounded again and went in the house.
    Okay, what’s that supposed to mean?
    The door was still open, so I decided to go in.
    I put down my case in the corridor and looked in a mirror, which was hanging at the wall.
    My hair was soaking wet and completely disheveled.
    I lifted my hand and tried to make them look a little better.
    After a few minutes I gave up and knocked on a door.
    „Ja!“, a voice said.
    I opened the door slowly and entered the room.
    I was in the kitchen and a woman, who was probably Sarah’s mum, was cooking.
    She looked at me surprised and then she smiled friendly.
    I decided to introduce myself.
    “Hello. My name is Harry Potter and I’m your daughter’s boyfriend.”
    “Hello Harry, nice to meet you.” She said and we shook hands.
    “Nice to meet you.” I said and smiled.
    “The meal will be ready in a few minutes; of course you can eat with us.
    I’m sure, you’re hungry. I hope you like spaghettis.”
    „I love spaghettis” I said.
    “But I’m sure you first want to change your clothes, don’t you? You're soaking! Go upstairs, there’s a corridor and the second room on the left is yours.”
    She still smiled and I was sure that I would get along well with her.
    “Thanks. Is Sarah here?” I asked.
    I was dying to see my girlfriend again.
    “Yes, of course. Her room is compared to yours.”
    I nodded and went out of the kitchen.
    I took my case and carried it upstairs.

    Okay, the second door on the left…
    I opened it and entered the room.
    I put my case down to the floor and hunkered over it to open it.
    I rifled my case and put on dry clothes.
    I dangled my wet clothes over the heating; therewith they will get dry faster.
    When I was putting on a t-shirt, suddenly someone knocked on the door.
    I put it on and said “Yes”
    The door opened and Sarah entered.
    “Hey.”, I said and she came up smiling to me.
    “There you are finally” she said and I hug her.
    “I missed you”, I said and looked into her blue-grey eyes.
    “So did I” she whispered and our faces got closer.
    Finally our lips touched and I kissed her fondly.
    She returned my kiss and I was indescribable happy.
    After half an eternity we broke up and I smiled happily at her.
    “It’s good to see you smiling.” She said then.
    I looked at her questioningly and she opined: “Well, you’ve often been very unhappy the last time. But that’s normal after what happened.”
    I nodded and sat down on the bed. She took a seat beside me and rested on my shoulder.
    I put my arm around her and kissed her forehead, which was quite hot.
    “Are you okay?” I demanded and looked worried at her.
    “Yes why?”
    „Well, you’re quite hot. I think you’ve got temperature.”
    She put her hand on her forehead.
    “Hmm… You’re right. I’ll go to bed early and I’m sure I’ll be fine tomorrow.” She said and smiled at me.
    „I suppose the dinner will be ready soon; let’s go downstairs” She said then.
    I nodded and we stood up.
    Sarah went ahead, but when she was catching at the door handle, I doffed her in my arms once again and kissed her.
    Then I deleted a wisp of hair from her face and whispered: “I love you.”
    She smiled and before she was able to reply something I kissed her again.

    Finally we went downstairs.
    “Okay, I’m going to introduce you to my family now.” Sarah said and I smiled cowardly.
    “Don’t be afraid; they won’t bite you, except my sister maybe, but she can’t understand you anyway.” She said then.
    I smiled and we entered the kitchen.
    The dinner was already ready and my girlfriend’s parents were just waiting for her sister.
    “I hope you found your room and everything is okay.” said her mother.
    “Yes, thanks a lot. Everything’s great.” I said.
    Sarah’s father went towards me and we shook hands.
    “Hello, Sir. I’m Harry Potter.” I introduced myself.
    “Hello. I’m Sarah’s father.”
    I smiled gently and we sat down.
    “Sarah, do you know where your sister is?” asked Mrs Meier.
    “I dunno” said Sarah and gave a shrug.
    “I’ll come for her.”
    But in this moment suddenly the door was opened and Sandra entered the room.
    “Ist der immer noch da?” she asked her mum.
    I didn’t know what she said, but it didn’t seem to be nice.
    “Ja und er wird auch noch eine Weile bleiben.” snubbed my girlfriend her sister.
    I looked at her questioningly, but she just said: “Nothing important.”
    Sandra sat down at the table and poured herself a glass of water.
    “Schon wieder Spaghetti! Ich hasse Spaghetti! Man.”, she crumbled.
    „Erstens hatten wir schon lange keine Nudeln mehr und zweitens haben sie dir das letzte Mal noch geschmeckt.” her mother said.
    Sandra looked angrily at her mother and started to eat.

    „Hey Harry, was hast du eigentlich mit deinem Gesicht gemacht?“
    I’ve heard my name, so I raised my head.
    Sandra looked at me questioningly.
    „Er…“, I said.
    „Ey Alta, wieso antwortest du nicht?“, she asked.
    She knew that I can’t speak German, didn’t she?
    „Er versteht dich nicht.“ Sarah said nerved.
    I looked questioningly at her, but she still looked at Sandra.
    „Wieso? Ist der doof oder was?“ demanded Sandra.
    „Er ist Engländer, du Idiot.“ answered Sarah.
    „Was spricht der denn dann? Engländerisch oder was?“ said Sandra.
    „Ausländisch.“ said Sarah and rolled her eyes.
    I felt quite stupid, because apparently they were talking about me and I didn’t understand a single word.
    „In England spricht man englisch.“, Sarah’s mother explained to her little sister.

    „Sorry, but…“, I said, because I wanted to know, what they were talking about.
    „Oh, sorry.“ Sarah returned to me.
    “My sister just wanted to know, if you’re alright, but she can’t speak English very well.” she explained.
    I nodded and turned to Sandra.
    “I’m fine and you?” I asked with a gentle smile on my face.
    „Me go it good.“, she said.
    “Where you come?” Apparently she enjoyed talking to me.
    „Well, I live in London.“
    „Where that is?“
    I looked surprised at her. I thought she’s already been there; she should know where London is.
    Well, actually.
    „It’s the capital of England” I explained.
    „Aha. And what is you school?”
    I supposed she wanted to know which school I attended.
    „Hogwarts. The same school your sister goes to. What’s the name of your school?“
    „Do you want another plate of noodles, Harry?“ Sarah suddenly asked and smiled to me.
    „Yes, thanks. It tastes very good.“, I said confused.
    “I go to-“ Sandra started again, but Sarah interrupted her once more.
    “It’s still raining. I don’t think that we’ll be able to go outside this week. The weather forecast says it will rain the next days and there will also be thunder-storms.”
    Sarah nodded to me and threw an impending look to her sister.
    “Henry, I” Sandra started a reattempt.
    “Er heißt Harry” Sarah said angrily.
    “Dann eben Harry.” jangled Sandra.
    “I go-“
    “Hast du das gehört? Ich glaube dein Handy hat gerade geläutet. Vielleicht ist es ja die Anna-Lena.” Sarah said.
    Sandra stood up hastily and hurried in the floor.
    Sarah smiled satisfied and her mother shook her head.
    I decided to ask my girlfriend later what this meant and ate my noodles.

    After dinner I went upstairs with Sarah.
    We were in the corridor and I was veered towards her room when she held me back.
    I looked at her and she said: “Er, you can’t enter this room now.”
    “Well, it’s a kind of chaos inside.”
    I smiled and we went into my room.
    She sat down on my bed and I went to the heating to check up if my clothes were already dry.
    They were still wet.
    I turned round and saw Sarah, who was looking quite worried at the screen of her mobile phone.
    “Everything’s okay?” I demanded and sat down beside her.
    “Yes, it’s just Catherine. She didn’t report to me the last days.
    “Is she fine?” I asked.
    “Oh, you don’t know it at all! Her parents plighted her.
    The lucky man wanted to look in on her and she said she will call me.
    But she didn’t. I hope she’s doing well.”
    “But her parents can’t force her to marry!” I said.
    “Well Catherine is a pure blood. That’s common practice.
    I think I will look in on her tomorrow.”
    “That’s a good idea.” I nodded and she put away her mobile.
    “By the way, what was biting you as I asked for your sister’s school?”
    I had to know it.
    Sarah looked frightened at me and said: “Nothing.”
    “You interrupted you sister the whole time.” I said.
    Sarah sighted and said:
    “Well, her school is Demiscol. That’s a school for disabled people.
    “Hey, that’s not bad at all.”
    “How does that sound? Hey, I’m Sarah and my sister goes to a school for disabled people.”
    I laughed and finally Sarah also smiled.
    “Is she a witch?” I wanted to know.
    Sarah once told me that her father was Muggle.
    “Yes. But a disabled one.” she laughed and I hugged her.
    “This week will be great.” I said and she kissed me.

    In this evening I chatted with my girlfriend for a long time, until I finally got tired and I took to my bed.
    She lay down beside me and I hugged her till we both fell asleep.

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