Jetzt könnt Ihr Euer Wissen testen! Wie genau kennt Ihr die Songs von Westlife? Findet heraus zu welchem Song die jeweilige Strophe gehört!

Frage 1:Cause its all, its all in the way you look through your eyes
We are one
No no
I need you
Frage 2:Day after day, time pass away and I just cant get you off my mind
I dont wanna fight
Miss you
If I let you go
Frage 3:Girl I miss you more than words can say I need a miracle now
Miss you
Swear it again
Change the world
Frage 4:Just look around and all of the people that we used to know
Fool again
Try again
Swear it again
Frage 5:But all the birds are singing in the sky
Seasons in the sun
What I want is what Ive got
Frage 6:You have to believe it I dont know what went
Open your heart
Cant lose what you never had
If I let you go
Frage 7:When I stand here talking every breath with you, ooh
My love
Puzzle of my heart
Against all odds
Frage 8:I wonder how, I wonder why I wonder where they are
Fragile heart
My love
Frage 9:Before you walk out the door and leave me this way
Uptown girl
You make me feel
My girl
Frage 10:I believe in angels, something good in every thing I see
Dreams come true
I lay my love on you
I have a dream
Frage 11:As long as anyone with hot blood can
What makes a man
Uptown girl
Frage 12:But now I know better to hurt you was wrong
Loneliness knows me by name
Every little thing you do
Somebody needs you

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