Beartooth Lyrics

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    Fangen wir mit etwas leichtem an:
    "I've always been a fan of the nightlife..."?
    "...cause it's the only life I had"
    "...and always hated the blue sky"
    "...because I like the black night sky"
    "...cause at day I don't feel okay"
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    "...what's the point of existence with this incurable sickness?"?
    Me In My Own Head
    I Have A Problem
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    " stressed out, burned out, living in my anony" gehört zu welchem Song?
    Sick Of Me
    Go Be The Voice
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    Welches Zitat kommt NICHT in dem Song "Hated" vor?
    "I try to scream, but you never will listen"
    "Who knew you'd be hated for being alone"
    "It took a while but you're finally out of my life"
    "There's a bullseye painted on our chests"
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    "When I tell you I'll be fine, I still want you by my side"?
    Body Bag
    In Between
    Beaten In Lips
    Finish Line
    The Lines
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    Es wird etwas schwerer: "I thought the drugs will set me free"?
    Set Me On Fire
    One More
    Give It Up
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    Welches der folgenden Zitate gehört tatsächlich zu dem Song "Always Dead"?
    "Dead, dead you've always been dead to me"
    "No blasphemy, no legacy"
    "Pointless ignorance, living a lie"
    "It's easy to lose yourself, I know"
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    "It makes me sick to know I have voices in my head"?
    Me In My Own Head
    King Of Anything
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    Welches der Zitate ist NICHT von Beartooth?
    "Dad I don't wanna be sick and disgusting"
    "I don't have any sympathy"
    "If I make sound, it better be loud"
    "I wanna live my life to the fullest, make the most out of being young"
    "There is a world inside of me"
  • 10
    & zu guter Letzt: "You dug your grave, so don't blame me"?
    Ignorance Is Bliss
    Fair Weather Friend

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