Bring Me The Horizon (Kennst du die Lyrics?)

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Überwiegend Sempiternal und Thats The Spirit

  • 1
    So you could drag me through hell,
    If you promise not to leave
    As long as you're by my side
    We'll never be apart
    And I'll forget all the sorrow and pain
    If it meant I could hold your hand
  • 2
    And like a deer in the headlights
    You shyly run away
    I get hit by a car
    I meet my fate
    We jump as fast as possible
    We can't escape
  • 3
    Don't say I'm better off dead,
    I can't imagine you being gone
    Cause insects are gonna tear me apart
    Cos heaven's full and hell won't have me
    Cause if we're apart nothing's gonna be okay
  • 4
    You made your bed
    But froze to death anyways
    And forgot to make mine
    When you worried about mine
    To sleep alright
    Out of fire
  • 5
    I'm going blind, but one thing's clear
    Hell's gonna reach out for me
    You've never belonget to me
    Death is the only salvation for me
    Baby you're too blind to hear
  • 6
    Cause you found no sign and see no light
    You lost you're path while looking out for me
    Darnkess is what holds you tight
    We hear no voice when we pray at night
    And we're all alive
  • 7
    The higher I get, the lower I'll sink.
    It feels so good to watch you swim
    It feels so good just to watch you drown
    Reaching out for the clouds, it feels like a sin
    I can't drown my demons they know how to swim
  • 8
    Rise from the dead you said:
    And i held your hand and promised to never leave
    And i nodded and just shook it off
    Secrets don't sleep 'til they're took to the grave
    Well, my dear, try to kill me first
    How should I, as I'm all alone?
  • 9
    Got a hole in my soul
    I feel like a vacuum cleaner
    Growing deeper and deeper
    Hell never felt so close
    But you won't be able to fix it
    And it tears me apart
  • 10
    There's no hope for us,
    I think it's time to let you go
    We forgot to reach out for the stars
    We're dead inside
    We speak in tongues
    My parents knew it years before

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