Hollywood Undead Lyrics Quiz

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    Aus welchem Lied ist folgendes Zitat?
    "So easy to hate with no one to love. It's hard to dream what I'm thinking of."
  • 2
    Aus welchem Lied stammt folgendes Zitat?
    "It's not just make believe when they make me take a seat. And they put amphetamines in the air and make me breathe"
  • 3
    Und dieses Zitat?
    "Let Funny Man bang on these keys
    I'm about to get it crackin' and freaky deaky
    All the ladies in the world just dyin' to meet me"
  • 4
    Und das?
    "Call the doc, I must be sick
    Better get me my medicine
    Now it's five o'clock, on the phone again
    I think I might need another prescription"
  • 5
    "What if I told you that we're already dead?
    What if I said you can't outrun this spread?"
  • 6
    I'm about to serve it up for for all you boys and girls.
    good kids, bad and even Da Kurlzz.
    we were chilling at home and decking the halls.
    so I checked my phone and Santa had called.
  • 7
    These angels burn with an eternal sympathy
    Don't say a word until you've heard their symphony
  • 8
    We're forced to swallow these pills
    And to never ask why
  • 9
    Another shot and then here come the sirens
    I thought I told you to keep fucking quiet
    Somebody's dying, so come say goodbye, kids
  • 10
    It gets harder to see what people want me to be, it's just me
    being me I'm just Charlie Scene. I used to follow my dream to
    play guitar and sing

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