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Kennst du die Songtexte zu den Liedern der Alben Dark horse, Here and Now und No fixed Address? Teste dich hier!

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    "You'll be on TV when it starts to snow in hell
    You won't believe me so go and see it for yourself!"

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    "My best friend gave me the best advice.
    He said each day's a gift and not a given right"

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    "His drivers licence said James, he went by Jim.
    A gangster wanna be and baby that was him"

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    "And this kind of pain... only time takes away.
    That's why it's harder to let you go"

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    "You gotta go and reach for the top.
    Believe in every dream that you got.
    You're only living once so tell me?"

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    "Well I know the feeling of finding yourself stuck out on the ledge"

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    "Just one more moment
    That's all that's needed
    Like wounded soldiers
    In need of feeling"

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    "This is what it's all about.
    No one can slow us down.
    We ain't gonna stop until the clock runs out."
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    "Got to meet the hottie with the million dollar body
    They say it's over budget, but you'd pay her just to touch it, come on!"

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    "And the only thing that's safe is the banner that you wave
    to be wrapped around your grave."

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