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  • 1
    Decisions as I go, to anywhere I flow.
    Sometimes I believe, a time where we should know.
    I can't fly high, I can't go long.
    Today I got a million, Tomorrow, I don't know.
    Decisions as I go, to anywhere I flow.
  • 2
    Loving can hurt
    Loving can hurt sometimes
    But it's the only thing
    That I know.

    And when it gets hard
    You know it can get hard sometimes
    It is the only thing that makes us feel alive.
  • 3
    I remember us alone
    Waiting for the light to glow
    Don't you feel that hunger
    I've got, so many secrets to show
    When I saw you on that stage
    I shiver with the look you gave
  • 4
    We were victims of the night,
    The chemical, physical, kryptonite
    Helpless to the bass and the fading light
    Oh we were born to get together,
    Born to get together.

    She took my arm,
    I don't know how it happened.
  • 5
    Es ist ein unglaublich schöner Tag
    Draußen ist es warm
    Er ist auf dem Weg nach Hause mit der Bahn
    Schaut aus dem Fenster, lässt Gedanken freien Lauf
    Lehnt sich ganz entspannt zurück
    Denn er muss lange noch nicht raus
  • 6
    When your legs don't work like they used to before
    And I can't sweep you off of your feet
    Will your mouth still remember the taste of my love
    Will your eyes still smile from your cheeks

    Darlin' I will be lovin' you
    Till we're seventy
    Baby my heart could still fall as hard
    At twenty three
  • 7
    I'm hurting, baby, I'm broken down
    I need your loving, loving, I need it now
    When I'm without you
    I'm something weak
    You got me begging
    Begging, I'm on my knees
  • 8
    Darling, darling.
    Oh, turn the lights back on now
    Watching, watching
    As the credits all roll down
    Crying, crying
    You know we're playing to a full house, house
  • 9
    Died last night in my dreams
    Walking the streets
    Of some old ghost town
    I tried to believe
    In God and James Dean
    But Hollywood sold out
  • 10
    I know what you came here to see
    If you're a freak, then ya coming home with me
    And I know what you came here to do
    Now bust it open let me see you get loose

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