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  • 1
    I got arms that long to hold you...
    This Boy
    I saw her standing there
    I feel fine
    I'll be back
    From me to you
  • 2
    What makes you think you're
    Something special when you smile...?
    With a little help from my friends
    Oh! Darling
    Hey Bulldog
    It's all too much
  • 3
    And eternally I'll always be
    In love with you...?
    If I fell
    She loves you
    It's only love
    Thank you girl
    I'll get you
  • 4
    Love you every day girl,
    Always on my mind...?
    Two of us
    Eight days a week
    I'm looking through you
    You can't do that
    No reply
  • 5
    She ought to think twice,
    She ought to do right by me...?
    Ticket to ride
    Act Naturally
    I want to hold your hand
    Dear Prudence
  • 6
    Had it been another day
    I might have looked the other way...?
    Blue Jay Way
    Getting Better
    She said she said
    I've just seen a face
  • 7
    Lying on the bed
    Listen to the music playing in your head ...?
    Penny Lane
    Strawberry Fields Forever
    All I've got to do
    Lady Madonna
  • 8
    We're gonna have a good time ...?
    Dig a pony
    It won't be long
    Golden Slumbers
    Fixing a hole
  • 9
    I'll never do you no harm...?
    Oh! Darling
    Norwegian Wood
  • 10
    The farther one travels
    The less one knows...?
    The Inner Light
    Do you want to know a secret
    Paperback writer
    I'm so tired
    Savoy Truffle
  • 11
    In their starched white shirts...?
    For no one
    Cry Baby Cry
    Don't let me down
    The long and winding road
  • 12
    It's not like me to pretend...?
    I'll get you
    Please please me
    What you're doing
    Sexy Sadie
    Yer Blues
  • 13
    I love you so, but I hate to leave you...?
    What goes on
    Doctor Robert
    I'll be back
    Things we said today
    In spite of all the danger
  • 14
    Since you left me I'm so alone...?
    I should have known better
    Get back
    Come together
    It won't be long
    There's a place
  • 15
    Hide your head in the sand...?
    She's leaving home
    Run for your life
    For you blue
    The ballad of John and Yoko
    You like me too much
  • 16
    Don't run and hide...?
    Tell me what you see
    I'm happy just to dance with you
    Your mother should know
    Another Girl
    If I fell
  • 17
    You can penetrate any place you go...?
    Dig a pony
    Old brown shoe
    You're going to lose that girl
    Across the universe
  • 18
    I can't stop my brain
    You know it's three weeks...?
    I me mine
    I'm so tired
    In my life
    If I needed someone
    I'm a lose
  • 19
    Man, I was mean but I'm changing my scene...?
    I will
    Ask me why
    Maxwell's silver hammer
    Everybody's got something to hide except me and my monkey
    Getting better
  • 20
    I'd realize that I love you more...?
    No reply
    And your bird can sing
    Day Tripper
    Magical Mystery Tour
    When I get home

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