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Habt ihr die Lieder von Epica genug oft gehört um dieses Quiz zu schaffen?

  • 1
    Von welchem Song stammt dieser Textteil?

    'Thirteen Moons
    The way to speak
    Thirteen Moons
    Is what we seek'
    White Waters
    The Phantom Agony
    Internal Warfare
    Beyond Belief
  • 2
    'Lay down in my arms
    Try not to breathe
    Quiet love you are now with me
    You need no words to speak'....?
    White Waters
    Resign To Surrender
    Consign to Oblivion
  • 3
    'Can't move an inch
    But for the act to
    Leave fingerprints
    Freedom farewell'....?
    Mother Of Light
    Sancta Terra
    Resign To Surrender
    Serenade Of Self-Destruction
    Cry For The Moon
  • 4
    'Dying slowly day by day
    And every colour fades to gray
    I walk the walls of hell's abyss
    With every trail, I will persist'
    Blank Infinity
    Trois Vierges
    Sancta Terra
    Menace Of Vanity
  • 5
    We need to be innocent to live the life we've lived for so long
    We need to be insensitive to live the life and so ignore it all....?
    The Divine Conspiracy
    Seif Al Din
    Dance Of Fate
    Guilty Demeanor
  • 6
    'You did not notice the ancient shifting sand
    That pulls you down into an everlasting sham'....?
    The Obsessive Devotion
    Our Destiny
    Another Me In 'Lack' ech'
    Run For A Fall
  • 7
    'One more life to live is what I want'....?
    Solitary Ground
    Requiem For The Indifferent
    Chasing The Dragon
  • 8
    'Hear me!
    Now hide your face while you carry on 'till the grief comes
    Save your soul from the downfall'....?
    Force Of The Shore
    The Last Crusade
    Semblance Of Liberty
  • 9
    'I will say
    I will say what I think
    I will do
    I will do what I say
    When liberty seems out of reach
    We'll fight for our freedom of speech'....?
    Monopoly On Truth
    Safeguard To Paradise
    Martyr Of The Free Word
    Kingdom Of Heaven
  • 10
    'We are stuck and can't get out again
    There's more than we deny
    And there's more than meets the eye'
    Deep Water Horizon
    Death Of A Dream
    Higher High

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