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Wenn du meinst du würdest die Songtexte von MJ kennen kannst du es hier Beweisen!

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    Zuerst eine leichte Frage:
    Zu welchem Lied gehört diese Stelle?
    They're Out To Get You, Better Leave While You Can
    Don't Wanna Be A Boy, You Wanna Be A Man...
    Will you be there
    Billie Jean
    Say Say Say
    Beat it
  • 2
    Und diese Stelle?
    They say i'm different,
    they don't understand,
    but there's a bigger problem...
    Heal the World
    They don`t care about us
    Das ist gar nicht von Michael Jackson das ist von Kiss!
    Why you wanna trip on me
  • 3
    Und diese Stelle?
    She always takes it with a heart of stone
    'Cause all she does is throws it back to me
    I've spent a lifetime looking for someone
    Who'll try to understand me
    Just simply do the things I say
    Give in to Me
    The Power of Love
    Gone to soon
  • 4
    Jetzt wird es schon etwas schwerer!
    She always takes it with a heart of stone
    'Cause all she does is throws it back to me
    I've spent a lifetime looking for someone
    Who'll try to understand me
    Just simply do the things I say
    Gone To Soon
    Give in to Me
  • 5
    Speculate to break the one you hate
    Circulate the lie you confiscate

    Mein absolutes Lieblingslied:)
    Tabloid Junkie
    Human Nature
    Beat it
    Earth Song
  • 6
    They wanna get my ass
    Sehr schwer!
    You know he really tried to take me
    Down by surprise
    I bet he missioned with the CIA
    He don't do half what he say
    Want you Back
    Back you Want
    Someone in the Dark
  • 7
    How many children have to die...
    Tabloid Junkie
    Little Susie
    Billie Jean
  • 8
    He gives another smile, tries to understand her side
    To show that he cares, she can't stay in the room...
    We've Had Enough
    Eye of the Tiger
    Whatever Happens
    Who is it
  • 9
    I know I could claim your heart
    Jetzt wird es auch für richtige Fans schwer: D And our perfect love will start
    But girl you just won't approve
    Of the things that I do
    When all I do is for you
    But still you say it ain't cool
    2000 Watts
    25 Miles
  • 10
    Where did you come from lady...
    Dirty Diana
    Smooth Criminal
    Just good Friends
  • 11
    Nochmal etwas einfaches:
    Now I believe in Miracles..
    Smooth Criminal
    Black or White
  • 12
    What about killing fields,
    is there...?
    Heal the Worls
    Earth Song
    Blood at the Dancefloor
    Beat it
  • 13
    Richtig schwer...
    Promise me we'll always be
    Walking the world together
    Hand in hand where dreams never end
    My star secret friend and me
    Club Tropicana
    Someone in the Dark
  • 14
    Come on, let me love you just a little bit
    Want you Back
    Whatever Happens
    Dear Elizabeth
  • 15
    Auch schwer:
    Though you really wanna fix me
    This time around you're making me sick
    This time around
    Why you wanna trip on me
    Gone to soon
  • 16
    Reaching out
    To touch a stranger
    Electric eyes are ev'rywhere
    Human Nature
    Want you Back
    This is it
  • 17
    I was wandering in the rain
    Mask of life, feeling insane
    Swift and sudden fall from grace
    Sunny days seem far away
    Stranger in Moscow
    Come Together
    In the Closet
    Can't Let her get away
    Speck mit Bohnen
  • 18
    When there are clouds in the sky
    You'll get by..
    On the Line
    Heal The World
    Hot Street
    Earth Song
  • 19
    I knew that love would bring
    Such happiness to me
    I try to keep my sanity
    I've waited patiently
    Girl, you know it seems
    My life is so complete
    Our love is true because of you
    You doing what you do
    Dear Michael
    You rock my World
    The Girl is Mine
    She's out of my Life
    Smooth Criminal
  • 20
    Die letzte Frage ist eine Übersetzung:-P
    Und die ganze Welt muss dir jetzt antworten
    um dir als einzigen zu sagen:
    Wer böse ist...
    Billie Jean
    Hot `n` Cold

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1. Dirty Diana
2. BAD
3. The way you make me feel

Nur Michael hatte so coole Songs 😭 Michael hat IMMER seine Meinung in seinen Songs gesungen! Michael war einfach sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cool und sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo wahnsinnig süß❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ Ich vermisse Michael sehr sehr sehr sehr sehr sehr sehr sehr sehr doll😭😭😭😭😭😢😢😢 Michael ist der wahre King of Pop. Michael hatte die wunderschönste Stimme auf der ganzen Welt. Michael wollte mit seiner wunderbaren Musik die Welt verbessern und das hat er auf jeden Fall geschafft😏 Als Michael starb, starb die Musik, Michael war die unglaublichste Person die je gelebt hat😢😢 Michael wurde immer zu unrecht verurteilt 😠😭😠😭 Michael ist immer schlimme Sachen passiert das hat