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Ein Quiz für die, die Drakes Lieder und deren Texte gut kennen!

  • 1
    Aus welchem Song stammen folgende Zeilen?
    Was 2 AM on a 2 way street in the middle of Manhattan.
    Out there
    Everything is gonna be ok
    The Spin
    I know
  • 2
    Und diese Zeilen?
    And when you carry weight in your life
    And all the plans you make in your life
    The original decision was right
    It's only time
    The Spin
  • 3
    Welche Stelle ist NICHT aus I Know?
    Give me a reason
    Couldn’t see through us know what we do
    Might not be tonight, tomorrow or the next day
    It’s always better when you know
  • 4
    Aus welchem Lied ist diese Textstelle?
    Where did you go when I arrived
    What was that look saw in your eyes
    It’s only time
    Modern Times
  • 5
    Welche Stelle ist NICHT aus It’s only time?
    She said I wasn’t even here
    All alone guess again you’ve been known
    What were you thinking I’d like to know
    I’m giving it, it’s coming out
  • 6
    Aus welchem Song ist folgende Stelle?
    ‘Cause I’m livin’ in my own world
    No one cares if I stay or go
    Up Periscope
    Down we fall
  • 7
    Und diese Stelle?
    Now I’m back in L.A. did I make a mistake
    In the end
    I found a way
    Do what you want
  • 8
    Welche Textstelle ist aus I found a way?
    Now I’m readin’ between the lines lookin’ for a sign
    No one can break what is so unbreakable
    The sky is green and the grass is blue
    Did he tie you down, did you make a sound
  • 9
    Aus welchem Lied stammt folgende Textstelle?
    And where have you been
    Since it‘s been over
    Over my shoulder
    Under my skin
    In the end
    The Spin
    Down we fall
    Makes me happy
  • 10
    Welche Textstelle ist NICHT aus The Spin?
    ‘Cause that’s the way to win
    You could read it in the New York Times
    Watchin’ TV everybody’s takin’ sides
    It’s blowing a song inside I’m singing Sunshine that your bringing now

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