Xandria - ein Songtext-Quiz

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Wollen wir doch mal sehen, ob ihr die tollen Songtexte von Xandria in- und auswendig kennt, so wie es auch sein sollte!

  • 1
    So die erste Frage: Vervollständige die Liedzeile:
    "I am the sense in all of your tears..."
    "I am praised for my faults"
    "I am the reason of all of your fears"
    "I am praised for my madness"
  • 2
    Und weiter: "In chaos waters I do swim.."
    "And you're the stone one's thrown into"
    "There's still some music in the air"
    "For real you are so very far"
  • 3
    Aus welchem Lied kommt diese Textzeile:
    "She is talking with the world
    A far-traveled bird
    Her soul's her home"
    Black and silver
    The end of every story
  • 4
    Und diese hier: "Do you sometimes wonder
    Why we loose each other
    Without sense"
    Save my life
    One word
  • 5
    "Dead are the places where this goddess has been.."
    "She's of the kind nighttime-insomniac"
    "Can't help yourself, she's got you paralyzed"
    "Cold is the skin that this creature has seen"
  • 6
    "Of a brighter colour than the ordinary grey.."
    "We stop walking and look around"
    "Everything is nothing"
    "This moment in a day"
  • 7
    "When curtains fall and the lights begin to fade.."
    "This end of innocence and thought it made you strong"
    "Close your eyes, sleep well tonight"
    "There's only us and all masks are obsolete"
  • 8
    "I didn't look for what I see.."
    "To less to live too much to die - of love"
    "In the shadows of my heart - forgive me – "
    "You left me grey and without a core inside"
  • 9
    "But no-one dies when blackseas dry.."
    "And no-one kill - forever this will"
    "But just to gain the power to reign"
    "In plasma veil as ancient ones"
  • 10
    Von welchem Lied ist denn diese Zeile? "Solitary, my soul, now gone astray"
    On my way
    My scarlet name
    Kill the sun
  • 11
    "Seawards, seawards
    Sail your vassels
    Human plaything for my waves"
    Return to india
    She's nirvana
    The wind and the ocean
  • 12
    "Once there was a vision to find"
    Drown in me
  • 13
    Das hier ist einfach: "Snow-white skin, Ebony hair
    And lips as red as blood"
    Back to the river
  • 14
    "Unreachable, just like
    the promise of paradise"
  • 15
    So jetzt darfst du wieder Songtexte zusammenfügen:
    "Freedom was long ago
    with every step I take.."
    "I'm losing it"
    "I'm nothing if I fail"
    "I walk away from this veil"
  • 16
    "As music's fading I fade within.."
    "Retract your reverence and slander me"
    "Abeyance maddens me"
    "There's nothing left of me anymore"
  • 17
    "So take care, take care of her.."
    "The lioness will win"
    "So close she smells your fear"
    "The Lioness is hunting us"
  • 18
    "A nameless Force.."
    "Is stealing my face"
    " Cause now I know your name"
    "You were just hiding"
  • 19
    "You are the night with all its charm.."
    "This other world where only you"
    "Only here I am free"
    "Glowing darkness keeps me warm"
  • 20
    So und jetzt bist du bald erlöst. Die letzte Frage:
    "We are wild, we are free.."
    "Follow me!"
    "We are we"
    "Through the darkness follow me!"

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