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  • 1
    " Told my mother, my brother " ist von Christina Aguilera - Hurt
  • 2
    " Take me to New York, I'd love to see L.A. "
    ist von Nelly Furtado - All good Things
  • 3
    " My loneliness is killing me (and I) "
    ist von Britney Spears' erstem Song!
  • 4
    " You are beautiful no matter what they say
    Words can't bring you down "
    ist von Xtina - Beautiful
  • 5
    " I never stray to far from the sidewalk "
    ist von Madcon - Beggin'
  • 6
    " You got me hypnotised "
    ist von Britney Spears - Gimme More
  • 7
    " Get it fired up in a hurry
    Wanna get dirrty " ist von Xtina - Dirrty
  • 8
    " I wanna take you away
    Lets escape into the music " ist von Rihanna - Don't stop the music
  • 9
    " When lovin you and me
    We feeling good " ist von Shaggy - Feel the rush
  • 10
    " Every time they turn the lights down
    Just want to go that extra mile for you " ist von Shakira - Underneath your clothes
  • 11
    " You're so fine
    I want you mine
    You're so delicious " ist von Jennifer Lopez - Love don't cost a thing
  • 12
    " And I hate how much I love you boy "
    ist von Ne-Yo - Hate that I love you
  • 13
    " Kiss me gently
    Always I know "
    ist von Rihanna - cry
  • 14
    " I would hold you in my arms
    I would take the pain away " ist von Leona Lewis - Better in time
  • 15
    " I see you looking at me
    Like I got some things for you "
    ist von The pussycat dolls - Beep
  • 16
    " No, I don't even know your name
    It doesn't matter " ist von Monrose - Hit'n'run
  • 17
    " Speak up cuál es la cosa
    Ven aquí let's get closer and closer " ist von Kat Deluna - Whine up
  • 18
    " I've had a little bit too much
    All of the people start to rush " ist von Madonna - 4 Minutes
  • 19
    " I'm not gonna write you a love song
    'cause you asked for it
    'cause you need one, you see "
    ist von Katy Perry - I kissed a girl
  • 20
    "Thinking if there's nothing missing in my life
    Then why do these tears come at night? "
    ist von Britney Spears - Lucky
  • 21
    " And when she walks she walks with passion
    when she talks, she talks like she can handle it "
    ist von Nelly Furtado - Do it
  • 22
    " You were everything, everything that I wanted
    We were meant to be, supposed to be, but we lost it " ist von Avril Lavigne - My happy ending
  • 23
    " Well get in line with the paparazzi
    Who’s flippin’ me off "
    ist von Britney Spears - Piece of me
  • 24
    " It goes 1 by 1 even 2 by 2
    Everybody in the club gon be rockin when I'm through " ist von Rihanna's erstem Song
  • 25
    " You're looking for a girl that'll treat you right
    Have you lookin' for her in the daytime with a light " ist von Nicole Scherzinger - Baby Love
  • 26
    " But you put on quite a show
    You really had me goin' " ist von Rihanna - Take a Bow
  • 27
    "Do you really wanna go, if you know what I mean
    Got a ride that's smoother than a limosine " ist von Ashley Tisdale - HE said SHE said
  • 28
    " I guess I just lost my husband
    I don't know where he went "
    ist von Jennifer Lopez - Do it well
  • 29
    " If theres lessons to be learned, I'd rather get my jamming words in first so,
    tell you something that I've found, "
    ist von Gabriella Cilmi - Sweet about me
  • 30
    " I hate it when a guy doesn't get the door
    Even though't I told him yesterday and the day before "
    ist von Lucky Twice - lucky
  • 31
    " Oh the wind whistles down
    The cold dark street tonight "
    ist von Amy McDonald - This is the life
  • 32
    " You had my heart, and we'll never be world apart " ist von Rihanna - Unfaithful
  • 33
    " Story of my life
    Searching for the right
    But it keeps avoiding me "
    ist von Rihanna - Umbrella
  • 34
    " Girl, why you do me like that?
    You take all my money
    Can't even call a player back "
    ist von Kidrock - All summer long
  • 35
    " Splashing through the sandbar
    Talking by the campfire "
    ist von Kidrock - all summer long
  • 36
    " Cause I'm feeling your vibing
    I'm riding high is exotic
    And I want you, I want you here "
    ist von Kat Deluna - Whine up
  • 37
    " What's the point in making plans?
    You break all the ones we had "
    ist von Ashley Tisdale - Be good to me
  • 38
    " It seemed to be like the perfect thing for you and me
    It's so ironic you're what I had pictured you to be "
    ist von Jennifer Lopez - All i have
  • 39
    " Used to have a little, now I have a lot
    No matter where I go, I know where I came from " ist von Lafee - Shut up
  • 40
    " Start my engine
    Push the accelerator "
    ist von Monrose - Shame
  • 41
    " I mean to do so a hot producer
    But I can tell he's just a stuck up loser " ist von The Black eyed peas - Pump it
  • 42
    " Just walked thru the door
    what's it gonna be,
    I can't get to the floor "
    ist von Fergie - Party People
  • 43
    " Back to back drop it down real low
    I'm such a lady but I'm dancing like a ho
    " ist von Shakira - Whenever, Wherever
  • 44
    " She’s been to private school
    And she speaks perfect French "
    ist von Shakira - Don't brother

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