Alexz Johnson Lyrics

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    In welchem Lied kommt dieser Text vor? „I got to get some Distance in between My heart and my head I'm on the razor's edge“
  • 2
    Zu Welchem Lied gehört dieser Text? „I lay there dreaming later all alone in my bed“
  • 3
    Und dieser: „If my tears fell on you one by one would you see them glisten?”
  • 4
    „Do we pretend these feelings don’t exist at all? Or do we fall?
  • 5
    I can’t have anything I want they say I’m just too young but it’s not my fault
  • 6
    „Said that I'll wake up one day asking what did I do maybe that's true too
  • 7
    So heartless, this couldn’t mean less gonna push it in your face
  • 8
    Falling apart and all that I’m asking. Is it a crime am I overreacting
  • 9
    Whenever we’re together no one’s a star I can pour it all out right from the heart
  • 10
    I don’t believe in love and I pull it to the wall I tasted sweetness there to laugh so hard as it falls
  • 11
    I’m gasoline, you’re the match I’m not sure if we can handle that, it might explode could be a mess I say we take that chance
  • 12
    There’s something you will see, you can’t turn down cause I’m breakin' free, yeah
  • 13
    If I was a drift on an ocean all alone. You came and rescued me when I was far from home
  • 14
    And just because I want someone when I'm alone, doesn't mean I'm helpless, that I can't stand on my own
  • 15
    You played me like a radio. You used to love that I had no shame
  • 16
    They think they made me who I am. Oh they don't know me at all.
  • 17
    It's kinda like a comedy Well first you kiss me, then you say we're through
  • 18
    Sometimes it hits me right between the eyes. Everyone can see through my disguise
  • 19
    I'm wide awake now its getting dark and I can't see my way, I'm living through the game now, by watching every word that I might say
  • 20
    Und zum Schluss: I could say that I don’t care
    but the truth is, I’d follow you anywhere

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