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Ein Quiz über die Texte von ABBA. Meist unbekanntere Songs, also nur für Experten!

  • 1
    Aus welchem Song stammt die folgende Textzeile: "I saw myself as a concealed attraction"?
    The day before you came
    One of us
    When all is said and done
    The Visitors
    My love, my life
  • 2
    "I can't count all the times that I've told you we're through"
    Slipping through my fingers
    Mamma mia
    One man one woman
    The winner takes it all
    The name of the game
  • 3
    "I know it doesn't matter just how hard I try, you're all the reason for my life"
    Take a chance on me
    Andante, Andante
    Kisses of fire
    As good as new
  • 4
    "These walls have witnessed all the anguish of humiliation"
    Under attack
    Should I laugh or cry
    The Visitors
  • 5
    "Oh, this has been my longest day"
    The winner takes it all
    Super trouper
    Lay all your love on me
    The day before you came
    My love, my life
  • 6
    "But now and then I wonder where he is"
    Hamlet 3
    Burning my bridges
    Just like that
    Giving it all I got
    Just a notion
  • 7
    "When you sleep by my side ..."
    The king has lost his crown
    Kisses of fire
    As good as new
    Lay all your love on me
  • 8
    "It makes the truth even more incomprehensible"
    Lay all your love on me
    Our last summer
    One of us
    Crazy world
    Me and I
  • 9
    Vervollständige die Textzeilen: "I must have gone to bed ..."
    At eight o'clock or so
    Around a quarter after ten
    At eight because I always do
    At half past twelve or so
    Around a quarter after nine
  • 10
    "Kisses of fire ..."
    Sweet devotion
    Great emotions
    In the ocean
    Just a notion
    Life is motion
  • 11
    "Standing there on his toes ..."
    To see my eyes
    To tell me lies
    To grow in size
    To say bye-bye
    To show his pride
  • 12
    Welche dieser Textzeilen kommt im Song "Soldiers" nicht vor?
    Cause if the bugle starts to play, we, too must dance
    What's that sound, what's that dreadful rumble?
    And I'm not ashamed to say the roar of guns and canons almost made my cry
    You think that nothing in the world was wrong
    You and I have reason to remember
  • 13
    Mit welchen Worten beginnt der Song "I've been waiting for you"?
    I feel you belong to me
    I think you'll be able to make all my dreams come true
    I, I don't know what you do
    I, I'm gonna make you mine
    I, I've been in love before
  • 14
    "... Cassandra"?
    Hold me
    Tell me
    Don't cry
  • 15
    Aus welchem Song stammt diese Zeile: "Love was one prolonged goodbye"?
    Like an angel passing through my room
    Slipping through my fingers
    When the waves roll out to sea
    When all is said and done
    Should I laugh or cry

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