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Du denkst, du kennst die Songtexte von Green Day in- und auswendig? Teste dich hier!

  • 1
    Gut, fangen wir an. ^^
    Aus welchem Lied ist folgende Zeile?
    "Today is the first day of the rest of our lives..."
  • 2
    Und aus welchem Lied ist diese Zeile?
    "Change the channels for an hour or two..."
  • 3
    "In the end if you come around..."
    (Also das ist einfach! ^^)
  • 4
    "Every joke can have its truth and now the joke's on you..."
  • 5
    "Wake up, the house is on fire.."
  • 6
    "A cry for hope, a plea for peace..."
  • 7
    Now I cannot speak, I lost my voice..."
  • 8
    "Sometimes I give myself the creeps..."
  • 9
    "I heard you crying loud, all the way across town..."
  • 10
    "Dawning of a new era, calling..."
  • 11
    "Open the past and present..."
  • 12
    "Walk on eggshells on my old stomping ground..."
  • 13
    "One light, one mind, flashing in the dark..."
  • 14
    "Perfect picture of bad health, another notch scratched on my belt..."
  • 15
    "Talk is cheap and lies are expensive..."
  • 16
    "Dear mother, can you hear me..."
  • 17
    Give me something to do to kill some time.."
  • 18
    "And I love it when you hurt me, so drive those staples deep..."
  • 19
    "It makes me wonder when I grow to be that age..."
  • 20
    "Can you hear the sound of hysteria?"
  • 21
    "A gag, a plastic bag..."
  • 22
    "Economy sized dreams of hope..."
  • 23
    "Starry nights, city lights..."
  • 24
    "That divides me somewhere in my mind..."
  • 25
    "Hey there lookin' at me, tell me what do you see..."
  • 26
    "She's the salt of the earth..."
  • 27
    "Seventeen and coming clean, for the first time..."
  • 28
    "Summer has come and passed..."
  • 29
    "My head is like a sponge..."
  • 30
    "For the "most" expensive price, going once..."
  • 31
    "Vinnie was a hustler out of Amsterdam..."
  • 32
    "One night stands and cheap regrets..."
  • 33
    "A thought burst in my head and I need to tell you..."
  • 34
    "The regrets are useless in my mind..."

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