Songtexte von der finnischen Band Negative

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    "Never needed anybody, helpless restless little soul..." Aus welchem Song stammt dieser Text?
    A song for the broken hearted
    Sinners night/Misty morning
    Fading yourself
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    Und der? "So fragile that it's hard to touch you..."
    After all
    The moment of our love
    Embracing past
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    "...I waste my time I'm always wrong, I'm feeling weak but still I'm strong..."?
    Planet of the sun
    Angels won't lie
    My personal sensitivity
    In my heaven
    Fading yourself
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    Jetzt mal andersherum! Welcher Text gehört zu "Lost soul"?
    Forget that I ask, forgive for what I am...
    Are you ready or not, ready for the truth, sick and tired of this nonsense, I'm frustrated by you...
    To you I'm dead, in your nightmare it will never end...
    Help me to grow, show me the way, the way into your heart...
    Out of the blue and into the black, they give you this but you pay for that
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    Und welcher Text gehört zu "Lost in America"?
    Loving arms around us, for you the kind who needs refuse
    As much as we're in love that seems so tender...
    Please hold me, kiss me, love me, don't ever leave me
    Days when I cared, days when I laughed, days when woke and felt my heart
    I got a mom but I ain't got a dad, my dad's got a wife but she ain't my mom
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    Jetzt mal was sehr Einfaches: I'm hurt and so wounded, it's gonna tear my soul apart, I'm lost in my heaven, I finally found my way to escape!
    Planet of the sun
    1000 nails in my heart
    In my heaven
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    "So many times so many times we've been drowning, I've got nothing left to lose..."
    Too much love will kill you
    Last hero
    Still alive
  • 8
    "Concrete jungle's calling and I'm sure I don't want to resist, it's an one way high, turn me on with the devil's kiss"
    Glory of the shame
    Still alive
    Fading yourself
    Sinners night/Misty morning
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    "I wish that I would be dead, dead like you and I, falling like a butterfly, after one lived day"
    We can't go on
    One last shot
    In memorian (immortal peace)
    Stop f*ckin' around
    L.A. feeding fire
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    "Lies, accusations, I won't crawl, I'll take your pride"
    In my heaven
    One last shot
    Stop f*ckin' around
  • 11
    "Take a chance now, save yourself, you better believe in, before it's too late"
    My my/Hey hey (out of the blue)
    Locked in the darkside
    God likes your style
    Creeping inside
    Frozen to lose it all
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    "What if that all we felt inside is just illusion, a waste of time and every tear we cried inside is just a sign we went too far"
    Until you're mine
    After all
    In my heaven
    Neverending parade
    Locked in the dark side
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    "Just turn off the lights, don't wanna see me die, I look like I'm dead, but when you look at me I'm still alive"
    Still alive
    1000 nails in my heart
    Secret forgiveness
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    "These are those days when I am yours, pathetic little naked doll, I'd like to give my life in your hands, forget that I asked, forgive me for what I am"
    About my sorrow
    Embracing past
    Dream flowers
    Childhood memories
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    Die letzte und schwierigste Frage: Welcher Textauszug gehört zu "Too much love will kill you" (Negative & Jann Wilde)
    Nobody ever gonna smile, when it's time to say goodbye
    So I live here only for you, I hope someday you feel that way too
    I'm just the shadow of the man I used to be, and it seems like there's no way out of this for me
    Hey baby please wait, I must warn you, I wanna help myself to find that way...
    Only you can decide for your life, you can make it if you try

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