Evanescence-Lyrics-Test zu "The Open Door"

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  • 1
    SWEET SACRIFICE: "Fear is only in our minds...
    Taking over all the time"
    You poor sweet innocent thing"
    Dry your eyes and testify"
  • 2
    CALL ME WHEN YOU'RE SOBER: Couldn't take the blame...
    And you're too late"
    If you loved me"
    Sick with shame"
  • 3
    WEIGHT OF THE WORLD: "If you love me,...
    Like all my screaming has gone unheard"
    How can you see?"
    Then let go of me"
  • 4
    LITHIUM: "Lithium - I want to stay in love with...
    Drown my will to fly"
    My sorrow"
    Wonder what's wrong with me"
  • 5
    CLOUD NINE: "I'm not afraid to dream...
    To sleep, sleep forever"
    It's where I belong"
    Change my mind"
  • 6
    SNOW WHITE QUEEN: "Stoplight lock the door...
    I can't scream"
    Don't look back"
    Your words have haunted me"
  • 7
    LACRYMOSA: "Blame it on me...
    Now that you're gone"
    Set your guilt free"
    Nothing can hold you back now"
  • 8
    LIKE YOU: "Stay low...
    Blinding wall between us"
    Soft, dark and dreamless"
    I'm coming for you"
  • 9
    LOSE CONTROL: "Just once in my life...
    Can I really lose control"
    I don't really care"
    I think it'd be nice"
  • 10
    THE ONLY ONE:"All our lives...
    ...heaven shine a light down on me"
    ...don't look down, you'll fall down"
    ...we've been waiting for someone to call our leader"
  • 11
    YOUR STAR: "And I'm alone now...
    Me and all I stood for"
    It's breaking me"
    All in parts in pieces, swim lonely"
  • 12
    ALL THAT I'M LIVING FOR: "I can feel the night beginning...
    All that I can't ignore alone at night"
    So I won't be lost again"
    Separate me from the living"
  • 13
    GOOD ENOUGH: "Shouldn't have let you...
    Pour real life down on me"
    Conquer me completely"
    Now I can't let go of this dream"

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