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Kennen Sie die Songtexte von Iron Maiden?

  • 1
    Setzen Sie fort: I'm coming back...
    My mind was blank!
    I have the force!
    I will return!
    The number of the beast!
    Satan's work is done!
  • 2
    Mother love is no more...
    Mother Russia, dance of the tsars!
    Beauty not needed here.
    No more lies!
    But I know, I know!
    Bring this savage back home.
  • 3
    Lost a parallel existence...
    Lost a nightmare I retrace.
    Lost another time and place.
    Lost a hell that I revisit.
    Lost in a paradox.
    Lost and time is spinning.
  • 4
    Send off to war...
    To play little games.
    I will return!
    Changing the water into wine!
    And on their return can't name no names!
    No more lies!
  • 5
    On his dying words he prays...
    I will return!
    I have a phobia that someone's always there!
    Tell the tale of paschendale!
    No more lies!
    We're blood brothers!
  • 6
    Fly on your way...
    And dream the dream again.
    Like an eagle!
    Fly, touch the sun!
    Fly as high as the sun!
    In the name of god my father I fly!
  • 7
    Von welchem Song ist diese Textzeile? Fly to live!
    Aces High
    These colours don't run
    No more lies
    2 Minutes to midnight
  • 8
    Und diese? And times when I've cried...
    No prayer for the dying
    Childhoods end
    Wasting Love
    Sign of the cross
    Number of the beast
  • 9
    Diese hier? I'll kill to eat!
    22 Acacia Avenue
    The prisoner!
  • 10
    Diese? I'd one drink, but no more!
    The Nomad!
    No more lies!
    The Clairvoyant!
    Dance of death!
    Mother Russia!
  • 11
    Und diese? Heart will die, my soul will fly...
    Lord of light!
    The legacy!
    Number of the beast!
    Out of the silent planet!
    The thin line between love and hate!
  • 12
    Diese? How many get well, only time will tell!
    The legacy!
    Dream of mirrors!
    Lord of the flies!
    Lord of light!
    Dance of death!
  • 13
    Diese? Gonna find my man, gonna travel around!
    The evil that men do!
    The legacy!
  • 14
    Diese? Oh, well, wherever, wherever you are...
    Iron Maiden
    Wasted years
    Seventh son of a seventh son
  • 15
    Diese? Or can't you read me like a book!
    2 minutes to midnight!
    Caught somewhere in time!
    Can I play with madness!
    Number of the beast!
    Sun and steel!

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