Wie gut kennst du die Blink182-Lyrik?

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Du denkst, du bist der geborene Blink182-Fan? Dann beweise es hier und sieh, was du wirklich kannst!

  • 1
    She smokes a dozen and he doesn’t seem to...
    take the seat of his own bike
    notice the cancer
    see the aliens
    notice the smell
    breath anymore
  • 2
    It's... and I've only wrapped two fucking presents.
    Christmas Eve
    hard to wake up
    like I miss you
  • 3
    We can live like..., if we want.
    Mom and Dad
    Romeo and Rebekka
    Romeo and Julia
    Ernie and Bert
    Jack and Sally
  • 4
    Again I wait for this - to... to tear the world in two
    avoid trouble
    make it better
    annoy you
    go a different way
    change instead
  • 5
    I saw you again and again an again.
    There's some...
    room to move on
    blew job
    alien to kill
    new day to die
  • 6
    I hate our favourite restaurant, our favourite movie, our favourite show. Aus welchem Song stammt das?
    Stay togehter for the kids
    What went wrong
    I miss you
    What's my age again?
  • 7
    Never found out why you left him, but this answer begs..
    a question
    a story
    a rhyme
    an alien
    a book
  • 8
    No wonder it was never plugged in at all. I took my time, I...
    hurried up
    left you alone
    killed an alien
    wrote a story of a lonely guy
    said good bye
  • 9
    Who would ever want a dirty greasy finger in his ass?
    He rubs his dick in...
    the dog
    broken glass
    a pirate
    your ass
    an alien
  • 10
    Remember when I was in the grocery store, now's my time. Lost the words. Lost the nerve. Lost the girl. Left a line. Aus welchem Song stammt das?
    What went wrong
    When you fucked grandpa
    Stroy of a lonely guy
  • 11
    This place was never the same again
    after you came and went.
    How can you say you meant anything different.

    Here's a letter for you
    Stockholm Syndrom
    Feeling this
  • 12
    And the conversation dies.
    Apologize for the past.
    Talk some shit, take it back.

    Grandpa is an asshole
    Here's a letter for you
    Aliens exist
  • 13
    Your ride, best trip. Always, I know. You'll be at my show. Watching, waiting, commiserating.

    All the small things
    Story of a lonely guy
    Adam's Song
  • 14
    She's a landslide with a...
    ..n alien inside her
    mother and father
    dick in her ass
    city beneath her
  • 15
    Und die letzte Frage:

    This is the first (thing I remember).
    Now it's the last (thing left on my mind).

    Los without you
    Stockholm Syndrome
    Ben Wah Balls
    Blew Job
Wie gut kennst du die Blink182-Lyrik?
Wie gut kennst du die Blink182-Lyrik?
Du denkst, du bist der geborene Blink182-Fan? Dann beweise es hier und sieh, was du wirklich kannst!

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