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War ABBA Lyrics I zu einfach für euch? Dann versucht doch mal dieses Quiz.

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    So funtioniert's: Du musst herausfinden, aus welchem Lied die von mir angegebene Textzeile stammt.
    "It was like shooting a sitting duck.
    A little smalltalk, a smile, and baby
    I was stuck."
    Lay all your love on me
    Just like that
    Love has its ways
  • 2
    "Last night I was taking a walk along the river
    and I saw him together with a young girl
    and the look that he gave made me shiver
    'cause he always used to look at me that way."
    My Love, My Life
    People Need Love
    Angel Eyes
  • 3
    "When you wake I know you'll cry,
    and the words I wrote to say goodbye
    they won't comfort you at all."
    Another Town, Another Train
    The Winner Takes It All
    When All Is Said And Done
  • 4
    "Think of this day as a showdown.
    Goodbye my friend,
    this is the end
    for me and you."
    Our Last Summer
    Put On Your White Sombrero
    Move On
    When All Is Said And Done
  • 5
    "In these old familiar rooms children would play,
    now there's only emptiness, nothing to say."
    The Day Before You Came
    So Long
    Knowing Me, Knowing You
  • 6
    "Deep inside both of us can feel the autumn chill.
    Birds of passage, you and me,
    we fly instinctively."
    Our Last Summer
    When All Is Said And Done
    Burning My Bridges
  • 7
    "After all I've had to go through I'm making no plans. But I, but I believe love gives me a second chance."
    Happy Hawaii
    Sitting On The Palm Tree
    Tropical Loveland
    Under My Sun
  • 8
    "Just a face among a million faces, just another woman with no name. Not a girl to remember."
    Nina, Pretty Ballerina
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    Und jetzt umgekehrt: Welche Textzeile stammt aus dem von mir angegebenen Lied?
    "And tomorrow, when it's dawning, and the first birds start to sing, in the pale light of the morning nothing's worth remembering."
    "Down in the street they're all singing and shouting. Staying alive though the city is dead."
    "I must have lit my seventh cigarette at half past two. And at the time I never even noticed I was blue."
    "Sometimes I see how the brave new world arrives, and I see how it thrives in the ashes of our lives."
  • 10
    "I'm nothing special, in fact, I'm a bit of a bore. If I tell a joke you've probably heard it before."
    "Clear-headed and open-eyed, with nothing left untried. Standing calmly at the crossroads, no desire to run."
    "There's a special love, like an eagle flying with a dove. I'll find it in the end if I keep on searching."
    "Dance and forget our time is gone. Tonight's a night we borrow."

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