The Rasmus-Kennst du die Songtexte?

Teste hier, ob du die Texte von The Rasmus gut oder schlecht kennst!

Frage 1:Won't stop, won't stop before...
you go away from me
I find a cure for this cancer
I find a answer for this question
you can see that you hurt me
Frage 2:Can't you stop the lies falling from the skies down on me...
I'm still crawling
I'm still living
I'm still standing
Frage 3:And I don't need the TV...
I don't need to fool, ya
I don't need rule, ya
I don't need a shotgun
I don't have to run I can reach you
Frage 4:Say it again,if you depress me,say it again...
say it again, NOW
go ahead, I feel nothing
come here and say it again
Frage 5:Time is not running, get into...
the darkness
the future
the shadows
Frage 6:You make me sick-you make me...
Frage 7:Open your eyes to the life in the...
small town
big town
new town
old town
Frage 8:I died in my dreams reaching out...
for your hand
for your heart
for your arms
Frage 9:Oh yeah, she was so greedy...
she wanted to be a heartbreaker
she used to be a queen of the scene
but lousy lovemaker
Frage 10:Welcome to my kingdom...
Somedays are dark like the night in here
Days in amaze full of flames
Somedays are cold like the ice in here
Days in amaze full of fame

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